Abel Isaac Dances

Born in the San Juan Islands, Washington in 1972, I have lived on the Olympic Peninsula most of my life. As the son of a carpenter, my first impressions of woodworking were the rough sawn cedar cabins and beachside boat shops of rural Washington. In the past two decades I have built for farmers, shops and contractors, but the majority of my carpentry has been in the service of owner-builders seeking design and production support for their custom projects.

My workshop is on ten acres of timberland with a view of the Olympic Mountains. The regional landscape provides direct inspiration to my work. Drawing from the wealth of culture encompassed by the Pacific Rim, I pursue traditional carpentry techniques in natural materials. I strive to represent an earth-wise timelessness while addressing the contemporary issues of modern life. Current projects include a line of devotional furnishings offered to the global community now pursuing lifestyles of health and sustainability.

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